Monday, June 2, 2008

50K's in 30 Days

This month I'm part of the 50K's in 30 Days challenge. Along with 50 or so other writers from RWA, I've challenged myself to write 50 000 words in 30 days. Easy, I hear you say? Not so when you have children coming and going and dinner to cook and ... work.

Still, I started yesterday and managed 1900 words. Now, I have to try and keep up a pace of 1667 words a day to meet my 50 000 words.

I'd just like to say good luck to everyone who has taken up the challenge and may your muse shower you with inspiration.


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Lee said...

I saw your post on wild rose press and thought I'd drop by and say hi to a fellow Aussie and member of RWA.

Had thoughts of doing the 50k's in 30 days but didn't seem to get my act together enough to do it. Maybe next year.

Western Australia