Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My Book Trailer

I've finally finished my book trailer and I must say that it looks great!!! I've also finished the first round edits and eagerly look forward to the next round. Bring - it - on!

I don't know whether anyone reads these blogs ... I'm not a very exciting person! Please leave me a message!

I'm currently fixing up another manuscript to send into TWRP. It's called Jewels of the Sun and it's got PIRATES! Mmmm you've gotta love pirates! Another fantasy. Here's a quick taste.

Jewels of the Sun

The frigate was once again abreast the sloop and several masked men jumped aboard, brandishing pistols and cutlasses. For a brief moment, the absurdity of the situation flickered in her mind but when she came face to face with one of the masked men, she realized it was very real.

She turned and fled, moving down the main deck towards Kingsley’s cabin, stumbling away from erupting fights and dodging near fatal, swinging swords. She tripped, fell to her knees, stood and carried on, vaguely aware of Kingsley shouting orders at her. Her mind spun with panicked confusion and she cursed the bottle of wine she’d consumed. A relieved gasp escaped her when the cabin door came into view. Just a few more steps and she’d be relatively safe.

A huge man stepped into her path, blocking her way to the cabin. She stopped suddenly, her slippered feet skidding on the freshly swabbed deck, and slid clean through the man’s legs. Laughing, not only at her luck but also at the stunt, she jumped to her feet and continued on her way. A hand encircled the top of her arm, the fingers forceful and gentle at the same time. Selena let out a cry when her momentum faltered and she flicked back into her assailant’s arms, her back pressed hard against his chest.

"Slippery as an eel, you are."

The voice, deep and smooth, sent a shiver of awareness through her. It was the man she’d seen on the bow of the Witchfire – she just knew it. She felt the warmth of his chest against her shoulder blades and smelled the unforgettable scent of man and masculinity. His beard brushed her cheek as he leaned forward to speak in her ear. "I like my ladies limber. It’s much more entertaining." His finger travelled a tingling line from her elbow to her shoulder, the touch gentle and strangely...

Just a small taste! I haven't even sent it to a publisher yet so you have the first glimpse.



cameron said...

I bet you are excited. I know I am. I may not have to work again. Just think if you can make .003% of J K Rowlings wealth it is all good.
Buy the book guys.

Eric said...

Hi Kiss, you have an interesting. I'm looking forward to reading your novel. Congratulations.