Friday, October 17, 2008

Panstering along!

Okay ... so I've previously admitted to being a panster. Now, I'm starting a new book and I'm trying the techniques I learned at Plotting Bootcamp. So far I've outlined (extremely briefly) my chapters. Hmmm I wanted to write a "normal" romance, set in this time ... with no monsters ... or time travel ... or bumps in the night ... **sigh**

The first chapter looked good! Then the main character suddenly ended up in 16th century Scotland. By chapter three a loch monster had arrived, followed very closely by a wailing castle ghost, a vindictive mother in law, a murder and missing children ... Not to mention a gorgeous Scottish Laird with a guilty conscience.

Well, this writer has decided to go along with flow. I very rarely have any control over my characters. They say and do as they please. How can something from my imagination take over?

I might lay down the law before I put fingers to keyboard. Right, characters, behave yourself and don't give me any cheek!

Yeah, right. Who am I trying to kid?



Suzanne Brandyn said...

lol Kiss,
Sometimes it's good to have characters behave in their own way... it gives them that personality identity.

But good luck if you need to put restraints on them. :)

Sami Lee said...

Sounds familiar K. Not historical Scotland and monsters, but not having control over what's happening!

Christina Phillips said...

LOL. I started out as a plotter, detailing every chapter right down to snippets of dialogue. But now I fly totally into the mist, with very little idea how each chapter is going to shape up. Scary!!!