Monday, October 27, 2008

The problem with research

Now ... Where do I start? I'm currently writing a book based in the Scottsh Highlands. That would be fine if I actually knew anything about the place! So, how does one go about researching a place they've never been? The internet's been fun but how much do I believe? I've thought about joining one of those forums and begging someone to help me ... Once again, how much should I believe? Short of actually going to Scotland - which I'd love to do - what should I do? I guess I'll go to the library and research the old way.

I might get to Scotland - will anyone take pity on a struggling writer and pay her way? hehehe Not likely!


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Suzanne Brandyn said...

Hi Kiss,
Find someone on the net who has a blog, preferably a writer, who is from Scotland. You can exchange information about the two different countries. :)
I love visiting a blog where the author is from Wales as I just love old castles and the stories surrounding them.