Saturday, November 1, 2008


Yay! NaNo is upon us! For me, it started today and I've already written over 3000 words. That's enough, too!

Keep track of my word count on my website Hopefully, the gadget I put on the first page will work ... If I start slowing down, give me a boot up the backside! (not too hard, though).

Here's a little blurb about the book I'm writing during NaNo. Now, keep in mind that my books never turn out as first imagined. However, so far so good with this one. It's called Angel Magic and it goes a little something like this:

Most children own cats or dogs. Ella Jeffries owns a 400 year old ghost named Allan. Now 25 years old, Ella's decided to shed her childhood friend and the insanity accusations that followed her through life. However, Allan isn't that easily lost and begs Ella to save his grandson before the Benedict name ends with one drop of the gibbet's blade.

Transported to Scotland, 1608, Ella rescues Lucius Benedict from an unjust beheading and finds herself eye deep in a deadly mystery that has haunted Aingealag Castle and its occupants for nearly 20 years. She soon finds that more than family skeletons occupy the stone walls and shadowy staircases of the magnificent castle. To love the Laird of Aingealag you need strength, determination ... and a lot of patience. Can Ella draw on her inner strengths and save Luke before the bloody secrets swallow him whole?

Have fun all you NaNos!


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Suzanne Brandyn said...

Good Luck Kiss,
I love the deadline of NaNo and the daily goal I set.

All the best,
Suz :)