Sunday, November 23, 2008


Only 735 words to go and I've hit 50 000! Whoop! Whoop! Happy dance, jig, jig. Wow, what a hard haul it's been. at about 15000 words I wanted to give up because I ran out of things to write so I put my heroine in danger. There's nothing like a near death experience to perk a writer up! Then, at 27 000 words I lost the plot (literally) and decided that each and every one of those words were gibberish-page fillers-not worth a thing! I crossed that threshold by placing the heroine in the hero's arms a little early. 40 000 words, I discovered that I needed a little more conflict so the heroine overheard the hero saying to his grandmother that "the woman means nothing to me". Of course, the heroine thinks he's talking about her. Now, I'm nearly at 50 000 and so starts the slow wind home. 85 000 words here I come!



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