Monday, February 2, 2009

I've finally finished! Why do I feel so sad?

Phew! What a hectic few months! Writing over the holiday season proved extremely difficult, especially when you've given yourself a submission deadline of March 1st. But, I've done it, I've finally finished my latest book...kind of. I've written those two wonderful words, THE END. But, why do I feel so sad?

It's amazing how close a writer becomes to their characters. Sometimes, I feel as though I've lost my best friends when I finish a book. I guess that's a good thing, it means that I've created likeable, full characters with personalities and lives! What now? I've created these characters (who I've developed lasting relationships with along the way. I even watched them have sex!), put them through absolute hell--in this case, I buried one alive hehehe always fun--watched them fall in love, cried when thier hearts broke, cheered when they found each other again, cried when someone died, cheered when the baddie got her come uppance, and felt sad when thier story ended. I wanted to read more, but there was no more to write about them.

I guess I can always look to the future and wait for the day when I fall in love with another hero, and become another heroine's best friend. Until that day, there's always editing, cursing, more editing, unquenchable annoyance guessed it...MORE EDITING!

Take care



Suzanne Brandyn said...

Hi Kiss,
It seems you are so attached. Step back. I haven't even read the story and wow... I want to read what keeps one hanging on like this.
I have no advice, except, Let go. If you have done all you can do, if you have drafted and everything is falling into place. Well, then you have done a great job.
Email me on my butterfly... Please....

Suzanne :)

Judy said...

Hmmm, this attachment seems to be why I've finished several novels (and have one coming up for publication) but have continued to write on another for over twenty years? I have no problem "killing off" my characters as appropriate---but I can't bear to let their lives separate from mine! So I just keep adding to the WIP, until it is so unwieldy that no publisher would touch it! LOL

Skhye said...

Hi, Kiss. My first thought was I say "WHEW!" Then I go work on something else. ;) And I usually am dreading the revisions. LOL! Eat chocolate. :) Skhye

Susan Macatee said...

Hi, Kiss! I can identify, since I just finished the first draft of a short story. And that last scene was the hardest for me to write. But since it was a short story, I didn't have to invest as much time with those characters as I do in a full-length. And, I've got another short story to proofread and a full-length midway through the first draft stage that I have to get back into, so I think the answer is, always have something else in the wings to dive right into.

Wendi Zwaduk said...

I feel like I've left my buddies too. I went through all the struggles and fun times with them and dont' want it to end. But then again, I also feel pretty good that I got to the end.

Guess that's why crit buddies are so great. They help you out with the edits!



Lynn said...

Kiss, I can definitely relate to your mood. I get very down after finishing a book. I just finished another in mid-October and I really, really liked that one a lot. It turned out way better than I had hoped - I've had trouble focusing on anything else since, because not only did I really like those characters - I always get a nagging fear I will NEVER EVER be able to finish another story again. You should take a short break and also, go celebrate your accomplishment. Very few people who START writing books ever FINISH!!!