Sunday, March 29, 2009

Taking rejection gracefully

Okay, so by the title you've guessed that one of my manuscripts has been rejected. Yes! Now, I didn't take it very gracefully.

First came the sorrow - "How could the editor not like it? Oh no! Now what am I going to do?"

Then came the anger - "The editor doesn't know what she's talking about! I might just send her an email and inform her of her blatant personal opinion!" (no, I didn't)

Then came the self doubt - "I'm never writing again! I'm going to wallow on the lounge and watch tv for the rest of my life!"

Then, acceptance - "Okay, maybe I DID tell instead of show in that instance."

Then, more self doubt - "If I spend the next six months writing something else the editor won't like, that's a full year wasted! I'm never going to be published again!"

So, like thousands of other writers I will get over the rejection and soldier on...until my next rejection.



Wendi Zwaduk said...

Wow you summed up my last rejection well. We'll work on it and get it back up to speed. i promise!



Sami Lee said...

Too bad K, I know how hard it is. It's NOT the end of the world, or even of that ms. Another publisher may view things differently. Good luck, Sami