Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ten weeks to go!!!

August 7 here we come! I thought release day would never get here, but here it comes faster than the eye can see.

I can't forget the release of Jewels of the Sun only four weeks after Illusions of Destiny. Very soon, three lucky people will win copies of my books...
So many books to write...only one lifetime!
Here's another teaser of Illusions of Destiny, as promised.
She resurfaced when she heard him calling her. A slow, intimate smile played at the corners of her lips when he appeared in the doorway, and she rose from the water until her breasts showed almost to the throbbing nipples. Regan’s eyes moved away but as his unease lifted, they returned to her and slid to her knees poking through the apple-scented bubbles.
Take care!

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Sami Lee said...

It's creeping up alright. And two releases so close together--you must be excited. Looking forward to seeing your books on the front page of WRP.