Friday, June 19, 2009


I'm often asked whether I use people I know for inspiration. Well, not generally. However, for In the Shadows of Angels (a manuscript in clean up mode), I did. Let me introduce you to Shamus, the ghost cat.

Shamus is really Daze, one of my cats. Yes, that's my printer he's sitting on. He usually sits right in front of my screen and stares at me.
Why Daze, I hear you ask. Ok...when we brought the little fella home from the shop, the man told us that Daze was a little girl. The kids christened this adorable little kitten: Daisy. Weeks pass and certain things made it very clear that our Daisy wasn't a girl. So, because we'd become used to calling him Daisy, we just shortened it to Daze.
Name: Daze
Age: almost 2
Nickname: Cheeky Boy from mum, Bloody Cat from dad
Likes: Anything I can climb into, knock over, smooch, chase or eat
Dislikes: Vacuum Cleaner, garage door, the orange tomcat from down the road
Favourite Food: Anything anyone is eating...especially porridge
Well, there we go.
Have a great weekend

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Wendi Zwaduk said...

I love it! He's adorable. I can see him strolling through the castle in annoyance mode (do cats have any other mode?).

If you want help cleaning it up - let me know.