Sunday, June 28, 2009

What do romance writers look like?

Well, I guess you all think us romance writers jet off to whatever country we've based our current book in, that our hair is perfect, just like our characters, that our makeup is pristine and we base our heroines on our spectacular looks! Some might. Not me. Here's the latest photo of Kiss Carson, romance writer. Brace yourself, it's not pretty!

Yes, wide brimmed hat, sunnies, gardening clothes, and you can't see the knee high gum boots. High fashion at its best. hehehe

We've almost finished our new gardens. The zucchinis are flowering, the chillies are flowering and the cabbage is starting to curl. I'm so excited!

Although, I must let you know that this is as close to rural living as I want to come. I like the hobby vege garden. I'd love a few geese (even though they chase you). But I don't think I'd be able to live on a huge acreage.


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Sami Lee said...

Ooh so glamorous!

As we were recently discussing the merits of Paul Walker and his movies, was inspired to post a pic of him on my blog. Yummo.