Saturday, July 18, 2009

7 weeks until Jewels of the Sun

Ok, 7 weeks to go! I will be starting a new competition soon, for your chance to win a copy of Jewels of the Sun. Stay posted!

Here's a teaser:

“They sail tonight.” All eyes rested on the
mammoth man. “We’ll intercept them here.” He
tapped the chart spread on the table and all eyes
lowered to it. “Just before they reach Diamond
Cove.” He smiled, engulfing all present in its
mercurial brilliance. “The lovesick duke should be
distraught enough to pay any sum.”

“How much are we askin’, Cap’n?”

“Twenty thousand,” the Captain replied with
a devilish grin. “Mere pennies to that pretty boy,
Kingsley Lambert.”

“Wha’ of the woman?” one of the men asked.

“You know ’ow some of the men are. A female on
board is askin’ for trouble.”

“And bad luck!”

All men grunted their agreement. Saxon
studied their faces, reading insecurity and doubt
in their eyes. Without the respect and unwavering
support of his men, a captain wouldn’t dare
attempt such a dangerous plan.

There you go! Don't forget to keep an eye out for my competition.


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