Saturday, July 11, 2009

8 weeks until Jewels of the Sun is released

Oh, the joy!!! Joy! Joy! Joy! You're all finally going to meet my favourite hero! Saxon Ambrose...hmmm what can I say about him. Green eyes, dark hair, gorgeous, streamlined body with muscles in all the right places. He's a pirate, a rebel prince, a lost soul...A MAN! Unfortunately, he's head over heels in love with his heroine, Selena Lewis. Ah, such is life.

Here's a teaser from Jewels of the Sun:

In the sharp, white light of the cannon fire,
the ship’s name, Witchfire, burned permanently
into Selena's brain. Before the ship disappeared
behind the fog, she saw a man standing boldly at
the stern, his hands resting arrogantly on his
hips. The vision stirred something inside her and
for a moment, she envisioned herself wrapped in
the strong arms of Witchfire’s captain. In one fluid
movement, the ship turned again and came
towards them at a speed she didn’t think



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