Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Kiss Carson ruined my cakes!

I got so involved in her novel, 'Illusions of Destiny', that I didn't even hear the timer. Nor did I smell the pyre that my baking had become until too late. I was too wrapped up in the story of Ianna Ward, an ordinary woman addicted to Starbucks coffee who discovers that destiny has a plan for her. Not that Ianna believes in destiny. Nor does she believe in unicorns or dragons or fairies, and even if she did believe in fairies she'd be thinking Tinkerbelle, not gorgeous men with golden wings and a body to die for.

Ianna even tries to convince herself she's dreaming when she's transported to Alban where she finds, you guessed it, dragons and unicorns and fairies, oh my, although the latter are the sidhe, and their queen, Dena, is not only rotten to the core, she wants to go to war against the humans. Luckily sidhe heir, Regan Shay, wants to keep the peace, although it means marrying the Queen Hag. Of course that's before he finds what true love and passion is with his destiny, the intruder from another time and place.

There's a lightness to this book, and a trueness that made me want to kick Regan occasionally, and even give Ianna a whack. I have to confess, though, that Zant the crusty dragon is my favourite character. There is a lovely use if words in the book as well. You'll understand what I mean when you reach the 'touch through time' moment, although I knew I was going to enjoy the novel from the beginning when Ianna said the the clairvoyant who predicted danger with a man, 'Are you talking extreme sports or a psychotic serial killer?'

However what really won me over is the way the author largely lets the characters reveal the plot through their dialogue and action, rather than just spiel the plot from an author viewpoint. It gives an immediacy and believability to the novel—and yes, I know, dragons and unicorns and let's not forget a flying horse, but the unbelievable can be made real by the right author, and since I believed everything about 'Illusions of Destiny', Kiss Carson is obviously the right author.


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