Friday, October 30, 2009

New Review for Jewels of the Sun!

I received a great review for my second book, Jewels of the Sun from You Gotta Read Reviews.

After being secreted away from the disappearing isle of Ambrosia as a baby, Selena Lewis is a treasure hunter determined to prove the island exists. Captured by the enigmatic pirate prince Saxon Ambrose, Selena may discover more than just treasure. Will she choose a dream over her heart?

Jewels of the Sun is an excellent read filled with an undercurrent of humor and intrigue that sucks you into the story. True to her talent and style Ms. Carson delivers beautiful imagery and fantastical locales that leave you wanting more. I admired Selena's strength and every "how will she get out of this one" moment. Saxon, in turn, amused me with his dry wit and royal dodging. A wonderful love story and one you gotta read.

Rating: You gotta read
Reviewed by Bryanna Curry

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