Friday, October 2, 2009

So long I've been away

Ahhhh! I'm back on board with a new book in the wings, one at a publisher waiting to be loved or hated, and one that will never be finished. Why will it never be finished? Because I keep changing the story. Never mind, maybe one day...

Now, I won't be back for long. I'm heading to New Zealand with my family on Sunday, on a long awaited holiday. I can't wait. Hopefully, the change of scenery will unblock whatever's blocked and I can get on with my life again.

I'm having lots of trouble getting someone to sign In the Shadows of Angels. I don't know why. Maybe it's too "different".

Here's the blurb, what do you think?

When Ella Jeffries receives a mysterious book, she is drawn into its pages and transported back in time. The year is 1709, and the place is the hauntingly beautiful Aingealag Estate tucked away on the shores of Loch Moibeal in the Scottish Highlands. She rescues Lucius “Luke” Benedict, the gorgeous Laird of Aingealag from an unjust beheading for the alleged murder of his wife.

Luke’s burning dark gaze and sensual aura draw Ella into his tragic life, and the safety of his strong arms. However, the closer she comes to Luke, the more baffling the mystery becomes. Stalked and harassed by the ghosts of Kirsten and Roslyn, Ella searches for the truth behind the Aingealag murders. With the help of Luke’s beloved horse, Jury, a ghost cat named Shamus, and Moibeal the Loch Monster, she inches closer to clearing Luke’s name.

Can Ella save the Benedict family, or will Aingealag’s shadows swallow them all whole?

Now, for a little taste.

Pushing the cloak’s hood back, Luke turned to her, the warmth of his gaze banishing her chill. She drew in a quiet breath, surprised when a smile tugged at the edges of his lips. So, his face wasn’t made of marble! Her heart pumped double time when he lifted her from the saddle as though she weighed no more than a sack of potatoes. Her breasts pressed on his chest, her eyes level with his. She didn’t know if her feet touched the ground and didn’t care. She enjoyed his nearness, the feel of his breath on her face.

“Your clothes are wet,” he muttered.

Ella cast him a sideways glance. “Are you suggesting we remove our clothes?”

Luke’s eyebrows rose sharply. “Here?” He glanced along the tunnel, a thoughtful frown creasing his brow. “Nay. However, if you wish me to remove your gown, I would gladly satisfy your whim.”

Ella’s cheeks burned under his probing stare. The way he undressed her with his eyes brought an excited tingle to the pit of her stomach. “I think we should go inside by the fire.”

Luke followed her along the tunnel leading Jury by the reins. “That is a wise decision, Miss Ella. Then I can remove your clothes in comfort.”

Ella giggled quietly. Cheeky! “Different fires,” she told him.

“You tease me!” An unexpected grin spread his lips, softening his features.

“I’m not about to get naked with you,” she replied with a chuckle. “I’m a good girl.”

Luke grasped her elbow, his fingers warm, the touch dominant. “Show me how very good you can be,” he said, huskiness lingering in his tone.

Ella turned to him, the passionate shimmer in his eyes startling her. Her knees weakened as she stared at him, unable to believe the words that left his mouth. He propositioned her! Yes, yes, yes! Wait! No, no, no! She couldn’t let him think that a few select words, spoken with his delicious Scottish burr, could make everything right. Shaking her head, she backed away from his desperately wanted advances.

Luke followed her retreat. “Just one kiss for your knight in shining armor.”

I don't know! Maybe the hero is too tortured and the heroine too needy. One day, I might actually find out!!

Take care and I'll see you all after my trip!


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