Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Author signings and appearances - eeek!

Okay, so the time has come for Kiss Carson to stumble out of her cave and greet the world with a great big ROOOAAAR!!! I must beat my chest with my fists and overcome this terrible what if... syndrome I've created for myself.

I have to organise author meet and greets, book signings and interviews. Oooh the dread seeping through my veins as I write this is making me feel ill!

I have to do it! Come on everyone, in unison..."You have to get out there!". I think my heart just stopped beating. What if...

What if I organise a meet and greet and no one turns up?

What if someone storms in and slams my books on the table and declares in an extremely loud voice, "These are the worst %$#&& books I've ever read!"?

What if people do turn up but leave shaking thier heads and wondering why they bothered to meet such a boring person?

Author meet and greets and book signings. Eeeeeek!!!!!!!! I might just crawl back into my cave and think about it a little longer.

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