Saturday, January 30, 2010

In the Shadows of Angels - Released Soon!!!!

Here's another little snippet from my soon to be released third book, In the Shadows of Angels. The date I have is February 15, 2010!!

Luke’s mouth dropped open. He blinked, unable to believe the scene spread before him. Ella lay on her back on the grass, her head resting on Jury’s stomach, very relaxed. The horse remained perfectly still on his side. He didn’t even move when Luke entered the courtyard. What did the spy do to his horse? He trained Jury for years to allow no one but him to approach. Now, the betraying beast lay with a woman!

“Jury!” Luke kept his tone forceful despite his astonishment.

Ella sat up, her blue eyes wide. Her face paled as she scrambled to her feet. “Your horse—.”

“Aye, Jury is my horse!”

Cait now stood beside Luke, her gasp of terror lingering in the air. “She killed your horse!” she screeched. “Dear Lord, Lucius, the woman is a devil.”

Luke rolled his eyes, more at Cait’s absurdity than the way his horse now stood, protecting Ella. “The lass is not a devil,” he replied calmly. Although, the curves of her body promised countless nights of sin.

Ella’s mesmerizing blue gaze lifted to his face. She looked ethereal amongst the trees and flowers, as though she and Mother Nature conjured a plan to seduce him with her simplicity. Cait nudged him with her elbow, snapping him from the spell Ella cast over him. Clearing his throat, he straightened, determined to fight the desire threatening to overwhelm him. Mother Nature wouldn’t be so cruel to tease a man with such loveliness.

There you go! I'm sure you will all enjoy the book!

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