Sunday, February 7, 2010

In the Shadows of Angels

Here's a couple of things people have said about In the Shadows of Angels, my new release with Solstice Publishing...

Put the kettle on, make your coffee, open Kiss Carson's "In The Shadows of Angels" and be prepared to be blown away with Ella back to 18th Century Scotland where loch monsters, ghost cats and crying babies wait for her to reveal their secrets. Where a family needs her help if they are to survive and the man of her dreams awaits. Don't expect to come home anytime soon - or to finish that coffee while it's still hot. ~ Zoe Younger, Editor

In the Shadows of Angels is a sweeping time-travel story that's wrapped up in fantasy and wonder. Ms. Carson's storytelling shines as she weaves the tale of Luke and Ella. You can't help but be drawn in from the first page. Ms. Carson's hero is what every romance reader wants in a hero-handsome, smart, a bit stubborn, but devoted to his lady love. And you won't find a better heroine than Ella. When she sets her mind to do something, she gets the job done. The cast of secondary characters is delightful and help propel the story along.

If you want a read that will stay with you long past the last page, then you need to read In the Shadows of Angels. I recommend this book! ~ Wendi Zwaduk, Writer

Another little snippet to keep you interested!

A surprised laugh escaped when Luke tossed her over his shoulder without breaking his stride. His arm trapped her legs, his hot hand resting on the back of her calves. Grinning, she watched the floor, her hair swaying with every stomping step. Now, she felt like a heroine from one of her novels. “Does manhandling me make you feel better?” she asked, unable to resist more taunts. “The blood is rushing to my head. If you’re planning to ravish me, wouldn’t you rather I stayed conscious? I know I would.”

Luke shouldered a door open with such force that she thought she heard his shoulder pop out of place.

“Lachlan wouldn’t treat me so harshly,” Ella said matter-of-factly.

She glanced around. The world looked strange from upside down. The bed caught her attention, an enormous chunk of wood with a down mattress slapped on top. Her pulse thudded rapidly at the haphazard bed covers and indentations in the pillows. Pleasure prickled her skin. Either that, or pins and needles had started from lack of blood flow.

Hmmmm... What happened for Ella to be in this predicament? What's about to happen??? Buy the book and find out!


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