Sunday, April 18, 2010

I finished reading a book!

Now, for most of you, reading an entire book wouldn't be such a great feat. However, for me, finding the time to sit down and read a book from cover to cover is just about impossible! If I'm not writing, I'm resting my head in my husband's lap watching TV or going on day trips with my family. To find the balance between work, writing, housework, and family is not always simple.

Of course, my family comes first, will always come first, and have always come first. Then writing, housework and coming in numerous horse lengths away is work...paid work...the one thing that lets me spend my days and nights imagining all sorts of wondrous worlds.

When I'm editing to a deadline, everything in the house comes to a grinding halt...except those wonderful evenings I spend cuddled up on the lounge with my hubby watching...well doesn't really matter. As long as I am close to him. My Adonis.

Enough of that! Back to the book I read. A Kiss to Remember by Teresa Medeiros. Those of you who know me know I am an insatiable TM fan. She is talented beyond compare and I can only dream to write that well...

I've picked up probably a dozen books in the last month but none have kept my interest. If I get past the first two pages, the book may have a chance. If I get to the third chapter, yippeee! However two or three books I've tossed away in disgust about half way through. Predictable. Cardboard characters. Sorry, tired old plot. Generally if I make it to Chapter 4, I stick with it.

So, TM, if by some wonderful chance you are reading this, well done! I'm now a better person for reading A Kiss to Remember. Not to mention jealous of your skill.

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Suzanne Brandyn said...

Congratulations, Kiss.
At least it wasn't a twilight series... they are so damn thick and it took me ages to get through them.
Suzanne :)