Saturday, April 3, 2010

Win a PDF of In the Shadows of Angels

Ok, due to complete boredom on this sunny Saturday, I've decided to create a competition for YOU to win a PDF of my latest book, In the Shadows of Angels. All you need to do is tell me whether you prefer electronic books or paper books, and why. Please also let me know whether you enjoy reading full length electronic novels, or would rather read novellas or short stories...once again, let me know why.

Now, make your answers good because MY HUSBAND will be picking the three best answers next Saturday, April 10, and each one will recieve a PDF copy of In the Shadows of Angels.

Good luck!



Historical Writer/Editor said...

Hello, hard question. It really depends. There is not one definitive answer. I like the feel of paperbacks in my hands. I also like holding my own novels in my hands. However, I do like ebooks. I wish I had an ereader so I could load it up with ebooks and read on the bus home from work. I carry a clunky bag with books around because I love to read so much. Ebooks weigh so much less and produce so much less shoulder strain...but I don't have an ereader. I have to read them on the computer and can't currently curl up on the couch with my ebooks.
But ebooks also the advantage of being cheaper, which means more fit in the budget. Also, they don't take up shelf space.

Skhye said...

Hi, Kiss! Why do I love e-books? Let me count the ways...

1. I can carry an enormous library with me anywhere on my e-reader.

2. My e-reader is slim and lightweight, more so than a thick novel I try to cram into my purse (refer back to #1).

3. E-books are sold at a considerable discount which means the same impact without the stress on one's wallet.

4. I don't have to hold the book open to read the e-book. It's just open. This is a tremendous seller of e-books for me. I have carpal tunnel.

5. I don't have to look for lighting to read my treasured fiction. The e-reader is self-lit.

6. I no longer have to fear losing my bookmarks. The e-reader marks my page electronically.

E-books have liberated this woman tortured with hand and back pain. I can carry my library wherever I want to go, find exactly where I left off in seconds, continue reading, and never experience the pain I used to have juggling squirmy thick paperbacks!

I've been told I should receive commissions from e-reader sellers for this post. Alas, I do not! :) I'm happy to share my experience though. I must run and boil eggs to dye... ~Skhye

Historical Writer/Editor said...

Oh, lol. I forgot to add book length to my post. Sorry. Again, it's both. I don't have a preference. That's like asking, is chocolate or peanut butter better? Peanut butter cups solve that problem. Short stories are good when you don't need to get as involved with character development and just want a quick read. Of course, I've read some really long novels and loved them even though they were hard to carry around on the bus and took months to read. Sorry to not give a clear choice.

Debra St. John said...

I prefer paper books. There's just something about holding a book in my hand while I read it that works for me. I tend to migrate while I read, so being able to tote a book around is easier than hauling my laptop around. I also like adding books to my personal library and watching it grow.

If I am reading electronic, I prefer the shorter stories.

Thanks for the contest!

Jonelle said...

Snuggling up in bed with a good book. One of life's little pleasures. Not quite the same with an e-reader. There's nothing better than picking up your favourite book that you've had for 20 years, the smell, the weight, the texture of the pages. And even though you've read the book a hundred times. You can't wait to read it again. You don't get that with an e-reader.

I don't have a preference in book length either is ok with me.

Mary Ricksen said...

There are of course financial considerations. Ebooks are cheaper for sure. Most people like to hold a book out of habit. Reading a book on the computer just doesn't work as well.
Then there is the face that we all like to hold our own book in our hands after all that work, because it's tangible. We are all used to holding that book and curling up in a window seat or a comfortable spot in a breezy garden. It's what we know. But I think if I had an ebook reader I would probably learn to use it without a problem.
I just think that eventually books will all be POD and all ebook. As soon as the price of a reader becomes reasonable!
I love a full length best. In a short I feel the authors rush to get the story told. I feel like I am left in the middle of part of a tale.
However, I like to read a short when I don't have much time. My memory ain't that great. After editing and critiquing other stories, if I can't get back to it, I have to reread to remember what happened so far.
My niece started a Facebook page. She named it "My Family is the Reason They Have Mental Institutions." A simple site she is a teen. By the next day she had 67 people friend her on the page.
Scary huh? :0)