Tuesday, July 6, 2010

New contract, new cover, new trailer!

Oh, boy, life can't get much better at the moment! Within days of signing the contract for my novella, Calypso's Curse, I received the cover! I LOVE the cover fairy. She's always so kind to me.

Cursed by a jealous goddess 200 years ago, Israel Alexander is doomed to wander the earth in search of his brothers. To live a normal life he must find a woman named after the daughter of a titan, and kill her.

As far as men go, Israel Alexander is one fine specimen. With rugged features, sparkling eyes, and a smile that can light a small city, his appeal is hard to resist. So, why does Calypso James have murder on her mind every time she looks at him?

In a cat and mouse game through time, Calypso and Israel find they share more than deadly intentions. Is love enough to break a curse built from the foundations of mythology? Or will someone make the ultimate sacrifice?

Here's the trailer...

I hope those of you who celebrate 4th of July had a great holiday!


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