Saturday, August 28, 2010

Off I go into the clear blue yonder

Saturday today. I have plans to write after lunch, once the kids are settled with games and dvds and I won't be interrupted with plaintive cries of muuuuuum!

I pretty much have to be concern free to be able to concentrate on writing, and the last few months have been a say the least. By the end of the day, I sit down and stare at the last few lines I wrote over a week ago with pained despair. So, what comes next? Who knows! Sometimes I wish I could plot so I had some sort of idea.

My music just isn't matching the manuscript, and for some reason, that is bothering me. I have one song for my current WIP, and that's Saviour by 30 Seconds to Mars. With my other books, I had complete playlists, songs with certain words or melodies that would egg me on. But at the moment there are no songs to stimulate, no melodies to bring out my emotions (or the emotions of the characters).

I'm also a litle hung up on technicalities. Should that comma be there? Should that that be there, or will the sentence make sense without it. If she says this, what will be the reaction? For every action there should be a reaction. Ohhhh tenses! had has have, were was, isn't shouldn't couldn't didn't wouldn't ing, ing, ing ING!!!! hehehehe

I wish I had a little cave where I could sit in the corner and breathe freely.

BUT! Enough with the woe is mes! I'm off into the clear blue yonder of Demon Realm to continue the story of Dominique Napier, bogus Queen of The Unknown, and Zachary Sterling, Demon Lord.

Enjoy your weekend, and I'll leave you with a little something to look forward to if, and when, you all visit Australia.


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