Wednesday, August 25, 2010

To agent, or not to agent

I'm at a crossroads in my writing career where I want to reach more readers. I have pondered finding myself an agent, and after said ponder, submitted to an agent. Just one. I'm still not sure I'm a good enough writer to warrant an agent.

I've sold 250 books (around that) in 12 months. If my calculations are correct...that's a little more than 20 books a month. Which narrows down to about 5 books a week. That's nearly 1 a day. I think that's pretty good for someone who published her first book 12 months ago.
However, there are writers at the same publishing company who have sold over 1000 books. How they do it, I'll never know. Promoting is an expensive pastime. And...well...their stories are probably better. Romantic Fantasy is an acquired taste, I guess.

So, here are my thoughts. Do I give fantasy the flick for the moment, and concentrate on a "real" romance? Mind you, I find it next to impossible to write anything contemporary. OR, do I continue with fantasy and build myself a little niche with a cult following?? I should be thankful I've had my stories published. There are writers out there who may never see their work in print or ebook.

So, I guess I've just vented and not really come to any decision. Perhaps I should stop pondering and start writing. The book I've submitted to the agent isn't finished. I've only written 25000 words of 80000. Hehehe. But that's what I do. There is nothing more refreshing than a tight deadline.

I'll keep going and hope the muse is nice to me over the next few weeks. I'm still waiting for a yes or no on my submitted story, Come the Blue Moon. I should know something by September 15.

Good luck everyone, and take care.



Sami Lee said...

Grrr... Of course you're a 'good enough' writer for an agent--all you've got to do is find the one who gets you (says she, the agentless low profile writer :). Don't go contemporary if you don't feel it; it will show if it's not your true passion. Besides, I don't need any more competition :(. Keep doing what you love and keep submitting everywhere. It will all come together one day.

Sami Lee said...

Of course you're 'good enough' for an agent. All you've got to do is find the one who gets you (says she, the agentless, low-profile writer :)). And don't go contemporary if it's not what's calling you--it will show and honestly they don't sell that well anyway. Or maybe that's just mine? Hell, I don't need the extra competition! Stick with fantasy! You know you love it and you're good at it. Build that niche and the rest will slot into place with time.

Claire Ashgrove said...

You know, you have to write what is close to your heart. It's quite possible that you could write the fantasy romance that will snag an agent. Don't think that it isn't!

Kiss Carson said...

Thanks girls. I need a pep talk at the moment. I'll keep trying.