Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What do your characters look like?

Now, usually, I have a firm picture of my characters in my head, and every now and then, I actually come across someone very close to how I imagine my characters.

Today, I was flicking through channels (as I'm prone to do) and I stopped on CMC. I'm not a huge country music fan, but the song caught my ear so I stayed. Then, I see the guy singing, and I take more notice.

The man I saw was Brad Mates, the lead singer from Emerson Drive, a band I had never heard of until that moment. The minute I saw Brad, I thought "Lucius Benedict" from In the Shadows of Angels.

Beleive me, finding someone who comes so close to one my characters is next to impossible, so I had to share this scrummy man with you. The only downside is he looks a little young.



pegd said...

He defintley has romance novel looks,and he is 32 just the right age.Hope you have looked into the band a little more,the fiddle player David has the kinda eyes plenty of women have dreamed about!

Kiss Carson said...

I'll check into the fiddle player, pegd. Thanks for leaving a comment.


Anonymous said...

Brad does have bedroom eyes. I read the first chapter of the book on your website and it sounds like a good read. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find anyone selling it in the U.S.

Kiss Carson said...

Hello anonymous. In the Shadows of Angels is available in print and PDF through Solstice Publishing. The link is below. The book is also available
through smashwords. The link is also below.

Thank you for leaving a comment.




Wendi Zwaduk said...

he is a fine piece of...work. You thought I'd say something dirty... You'd be right, but I restrained myself. : )

Sometimes it's just a tick easier to have a concrete pic to look at because then you have an idea to work from. My overactive imagination tends to run with images once its decided, yes, this is the guy/girl/etc.

Keep up the fabulous work and Congrats on Calypso. Awesome!