Monday, November 22, 2010

Release day for Calypso's Curse

Oh, yay! Calypso's Curse is available to buy! I must do a competition...hmmm...I think I've said that before and nothing has come of it. Let me ponder for a while!

I enjoyed writing Calypso's Curse, but then again, I always enjoy putting my heroines through more than humanly possible. They come out of it okay, most of the time. I've not created a psychopathic heroine...yet. Although, I'm sure if my heroines were real people, I'd be long gone.

Calypso's Curse is a little novella, with 85 pages of time travel fun and games. Israel Alexander is a cheeky sonofagun, who tries to "dispose" of the heroine on numerous occasions. All that said, Calypso James isn't a wilting wallflower. The murderous game goes two ways!

Available from Solstice Publishing for $US4.99. Go on, I know you want to.

Cursed by a jealous goddess 200 years ago, Israel Alexander is doomed to wander the earth in search of his brothers. To live a normal life he must find a woman named after the daughter of a titan, and kill her.

As far as men go, Israel Alexander is one fine specimen. With rugged features, sparkling eyes, and a smile that can light a small city, his appeal is hard to resist. So, why does Calypso James have murder on her mind every time she looks at him?

In a cat and mouse game through time, Calypso and Israel find they share more than deadly intentions. Is love enough to break a curse built from the foundations of mythology? Or will someone make the ultimate sacrifice?


Opening her eyes, Calypso immediately stopped screaming and looked around to find she sat in a narrow creek bed. Clear water, only ankle deep, trickled around her. Bright sunshine cascaded from a pale blue sky. Compared to the horror she’d experienced only minutes before, her life looked fresh and new. She blinked. Where am I?

Water splashed into her face. She gasped and scrambled to her feet. Hugging herself against the chill, she stared at the two black horses tethered to a covered carriage. Lush grass, the color of emeralds, stretched from the edge of the creek to the forest a few hundred feet away.

“You might just be immortal, too.”

The smooth voice sent a rush of anger through Calypso, and she spun to stab a finger at Israel. “You tried to kill me!”

Calypso’s fury choked her when his face split into a wide grin. She strode towards him, pushing her sleeves up to her elbows as she went. Pain. That’s what she planned to inflict. Lots of pain. She glanced around for a weapon. A stick. A metal pipe.

Happy reading! What a great present for someone who owns an ereader!


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