Thursday, March 3, 2011

A random page!

I haven't blogged for ages. In fact, I haven't written much in ages, but that's another blog for another time. Here, I present to you, a random page out of my recent release, Calypso's Curse. Apparently, a lot of readers go to page 99. Calypso's Curse doesn't have a page 99 so I'm going to flick to a page and post it!

Happy reading!


She answered the phone and switched it to speaker.

“Are you having a party, Calypso?”

She spun to the kitchen window. He could see her? Quickly, she stood and pulled the curtains closed. “Are you stalking me?” she demanded.

“No,” Israel said slowly. “I’m trying to get your attention.”

Calypso sat on the sofa and reached for her fifth glass of whisky. “Well, you’ve got it.”

“Is the liquor making you brave?”

Too brave. If Israel stood in front of me now, I would… She shook her head and tossed the whisky down, wincing when the amber liquid set fire to her throat.

“How many more will you need before you’ll agree to meet me? I’m at the headland lookout around the corner from your cozy abode. The ocean will look beautiful tonight.” Israel’s whispery breaths sent shivers of
anticipation down Calypso’s spine. “So will you,” he whispered.

Familiar beeps indicated the end of the phone call. Calypso poured another drink and rolled the plastic cup in
her fingers as she contemplated Israel’s invitation. If she didn’t meet him, she would never know. However, did she really want to know anything about him?

Desire spread into the pit of her stomach. Yes, her heart wanted to know. But she found her mind harder to convince.

Should she listen to her heart? Whenever the rest of her said no, her heart said yes. However, her heart tended to be a poor judge of character. She studied the phone and wished it would ring again. This time, she would tell Israel exactly what she thought.

Calypso drank the whisky and consumed four more glasses. She would need a lot more bravery if she wanted to meet him at the lookout.


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