Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Release day for Come The Blue Moon! Finally!

Yay! I patiently waited months for the cover for my new release paranormal romance, Come The Blue Moon, and it arrived over the weekend. Ohhhhh! The cover fairy is always so good to me. Check out the biceps on this beauty! And the abs...and the pecks...and the **uhum** Fanning oneself! LOL

Okay, here's the blurb, the excerpt and the trailer!

After the sudden death of her father, Hunter Hartley visits an old Victorian manor nestled in the hills of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, the last place anyone saw her father alive.

There, she meets Caleb Scott, the enigmatic owner of the house. Passionate and desirable, he is like a magnet, drawing her in until she can’t deny her attraction. However, Caleb harbors a dark secret, one she may never forgive.

Living a life shrouded in darkness, Hunter enters a world where curses are real, and fear runs deep. Will her love for Caleb save them both from his inner demon, or will her father’s killer remain out of reach forever?

Sultry jazz followed the 40’s song. Hunter scanned the faces closest to her as she settled into her chair. The waitress handed her a menu, noted the iced water she ordered, and disappeared into the crowd. The song ended, the audience’s applause long and loud.

“Thank you, thank you,” the trumpet player said into the microphone. “Also, thank you, Caleb Scott, for taking the time to entertain us.”

Hunter nearly choked on her water and craned her neck to get a better view of the stage. Caleb blessed the crowd with a radiant grin and bowed. Dear Lord he looked sexy in jeans and a well-fitted black shirt. Where was her camera when she needed it?

Caleb’s brilliant eyes rested on her. His grin melted into a disarming smile. He jumped from the stage and strode across the dance floor to lower into the chair opposite her. Two women at the next table stared at him with awe and fanned their faces with menus.

“Hello Hunter,” he said, his voice smooth.

“Hello Caleb.” Hunter managed a demure smile.

“We meet again.”

“Yes, we do.”

Hunter drew in a breath to steady her nerves. Every part of Caleb fascinated her, from his strong, handsome features to his tall, powerful body. He looked at her expectantly. Her thoughts shattered as she met the waitress’ quizzical look.

“What’ll it be?” the waitress asked.

Scanning the menu, Hunter cleared her throat. Caleb’s unexpected presence scrambled her brain to the point where she couldn’t think straight.

“The chili octopus sounds good.”

The waitress scribbled on her notepad. “Caleb?”

“Not for me, thanks. I’ll eat later.”

“Okay.” The waitress took the menu.

Caleb leaned his forearms on the table, his hands stretched to Hunter’s side. Those hands could do some seriously erotic damage. Her heart beat with the pulse of the jazz. His gaze moved to the medallion around her neck. Knowing it made him uncomfortable she tucked the jewelry under her shirt.

“Can you sing?” Caleb asked.


He regarded her with a tilt of his head. “You don’t even want to try?”

“No,” Hunter replied firmly. Nothing in this world would get her onto that stage.

“Can you dance?”

An amused snort escaped and she shook her head. Disappointment crossed Caleb’s features. Hunter glanced at her hands in dismay. A piano playing god wouldn’t want a woman with no rhythm or pitch.

Caleb stood and pushed his chair in. “Come and dance with me.”

Even though excitement flooded her, Hunter gaped at his outstretched hand. “I’ve got two left feet!”

He bent over the table and grasped her fingers. “That’s all right. I have two right feet. We’ll be perfect together.”

Hunter allowed him to guide her through the crowd to the dance floor. She’d never heard such a corny pickup line in her life but it sounded wonderful coming from him.


Currently available here as a PDF.


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