Sunday, April 10, 2011

Another random page!

For your reading pleasure, here is another random page from my novella, Calypso's Curse. This book has 85 pages so you can read it in an afternoon! Even less than an afternoon!!

Excerpt Page 39

Israel alighted from the carriage. Alarmed, Calypso lunged for him and grasped the back of his doublet. He pried her hand away but kept hold of her fingers.

“Don’t make me go,” she begged quietly. If she stepped from the carriage, her dream would come true.

“You can’t sit in there forever.” Israel’s hand tightened around hers. “I’ll protect you. I promise.” He flashed a luminescent smile.

Calypso eyed him, a little doubtful of his words. Why should she trust him? He threw her from a hundred foot cliff for goodness sake! Although, she had pushed him first, so maybe she should forgive him.

Sarah appeared behind Israel. “Come, milady, and we shall change your wet gown before you catch your death.”

Calypso shifted her gaze to Israel. “I suppose I’m a little bit cold.”

He nodded and gently tugged her hand. “I know of a wonderful way to warm you.”

Calypso allowed herself to smile. “I’m sure you do.”

“I know as a fact this warmth inducing activity relieves stress and is a great way to manage anger,” Israel told her as he led her across the courtyard.

“And I have serious stress and anger management problems.”

Israel chuckled, the sound full and rich. “You see, the thought of it reduces tension.”

Calypso glanced sideways at him. “Do you often proposition a woman you’ve just tried to murder?”

To read any more you'll have to buy the book! Happy reading.


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