Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bloody Hell! What to read!!!

Since I downloaded kindle for my PC, my reading time has increased, and my writing time...Well, that's decreased to zilch. However, I'm having more than enough fun scouring the kindle lists and discovering books/authors. I'm amazed at how many books are published. For an apparently "hard profession to get into" there are A LOT of books out there.

Now, I often visit the time travel lists. I have a selection of Spell of the Highlander, Touch of the Highlander, Highland Husband, Highland Stone, Highland Mists, and the list goes on forever. Do I read Karen Marie Moning, Diana Gabaldon or Catherine Bybee???

It's actually quite hard to pick a book. I love ghosty paranormals. So I search those lists. Between Fangs for the Memories, Night Guardian Books 1-15, My Furry Friends Books 1, 2 and 3, Those High Carpathian Mountains Volumes 1 and 2 and Vampires vs Werewolves - Which is the Better Lover? (well that depends whether you want to love your man during the night, or during the day LOL), I find one or two ghosties. But, are they worth reading? I like the premise. However, (stupidly) I check the reviews. One I thought sounded really good had a star rating of 1, and "Really People, Don't Bother" in the subject line. That was it. One star and the subject line.

Now, I love Teresa Medeiros. Just love her. However, her latest book really failed to inspire. Actually, I don't even think I've finished it.

I've become quite addicted to romantic suspense. As okay as Heather Graham is (in her last book, a character kept changing her name from Katherine to Kathleen tehehehe), I enjoy a light read, and that's just what she is. Nothing spectacular. Nothing over the top. Just a story to entertain me for a few hours. So, I guess until I find a time travel or historical that really catches my eye, I'll stick to the suspense.

Help me find a good read. Please!


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Anonymous said...

Paranormal - how about Love Tattoo, a new vamp romance from Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy or Fairy Flavor by Anna Keraleigh?

Riding the Storm Delilah Hunt is also great....

But you are right, so many books, so little time....