Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A random page from Come The Blue Moon

Okay, for your reading pleasure, please find following a portion of my paranormal romance, Come The Blue Moon.

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Excerpt: Page 49

“You don’t believe?”

“I believe in happily ever after.

“But not in werewolves.”

Hunter let out a laugh. “Please tell me you don’t believe in werewolves.”

“I believe some things cannot die,” he said slowly. “Curses live forever.”

“Curses arise from superstition. They’re not real.”

Caleb covered her hand with his. “Have you ever been cursed?”

Hunter stared into his eyes. For a moment, fear filled their pale depths. She shook her head. “David came to the house on his endless quest to find the impossible,” she said, determined to keep the conversation grounded. “He’s probably caught a nice dose of rabies.”

One corner of Caleb’s mouth pulled into a slight smile. “I’m afraid David caught more than rabies from his encounter.”

A pang of panic stabbed her chest. “What else did David catch?” Her hand automatically rested on the medallion tucked under her shirt.

“The only illness that medallion of yours can heal.”

Hunter sat back with a frustrated sigh. Why, of all the men in the universe, did she have to find the one who believed in werewolves and curses? Time to change the conversation. “So, you own Caleb’s Rest and this cafĂ©. I’d say you’re pretty accomplished.”

“Money and possessions don’t make a person whole,” Caleb replied.

“Only a person with money and possessions would say that.”

Caleb’s back straightened and he met her gaze straight on. “I lost my mother and father to a callous murderer. My brother detests me for what I am. Life and love is more important than wealth.”

Hunter tried to read his blank features. “I’m sorry about your parents,” she said quietly. “Did the police ever find the murderer?”

Caleb shook his head. “They will search until I’m dead.”

Come on!! Doesn't that make you want to read more! Hehehe


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