Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Ten things you didn't know about Come The Blue Moon

Alright, alright, so I've pinched this idea from my friend and erotic romance author, Wendi Zwaduk Thanks Wendi!

Let me tell you ten things you may not have known about Come The Blue Moon:

  1.  Come The Blue Moon was originally called Hunter's Moon. A critique partner suggested I change the name to save confusion with another book.
  2.  In the very first draft, Caleb was a ghost on the lookout for his soul mate.
  3.  Up until very recently, the story was a time travel.
  4.  Once upon a time, Hunter's brother, David, was her lover. I changed his position when the story  became contemporary. In other drafts, her brother's name was Michael.
  5.  Up until recently, Caleb, Hunter, and Caleb's brother, Hamish, were all corners of a love triangle.
  6.  Caleb's Rest was once called Caleb's Retreat.
  7.  Hamish was a painter and studied to be a doctor.
  8.  In different drafts, the story was based in Scotland, then Bathurst, and finally the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.
  9.  Caleb once played the flute instead of the piano.
10.  In different drafts, the story was set in the late 1700s, the late 1800s, the early 1900s and finally present time.

Wow! I didn't realise how much the story had "morphed"! Well, the premise has been around for quite a number of years. One more fact...I wrote Hunter's Moon when I was 17. It took 23 years for the story to see the light of day. Well, a hybrid version of the story.

Here's a sample of an old version of the story:

The Waxing Gibbus moon hung low in the sky, bathing the night in a pale silver glow. The radiance crept along the earth, inching closer to the skeletons lying immobile in the same dirt they’d laid in since 1910. Closer the moon’s rays came, almost as though it knew that out of darkness, comes life.

The shimmering beams reached the bones, touching feet, then legs, then arms, until the two skeletons were flooded with moonlight. Slowly, from the stillness of death, the skeletons moved. They gained flesh, muscle and blood. They grew hair, one dark, the other brown and skin enveloped them, making them human. Eyes opened, like the palest blue iceberg, others like the dawn of a clear summer’s day. Faces formed, too handsome for this world.

Two brothers, cursed to live life as in death, together, but apart – inseparable forever. From this night forth, they lived.

Okay, I know you want it! Here's an excerpt from the current version:

Caleb struggled to draw a breath and beat his fist on the door of his apartment, the last thump barely audible. He couldn’t remember how he’d traveled to Noosa. He couldn’t remember much at all after Hunter left him at the house.

He removed his hand from the wound in his side. The tremble in his fingers deepened as he stared at the blood. Spasms engulfed his body. A knife protruded from his ribcage. No longer able to stand, he slid down the wall to sit on the floor and dragged in another stilted breath. Where was Alexandra? He banged on the door with his free hand.

Finally, the door opened. Alexandra’s cool hands touched his face. She helped him to his feet and directed him into the kitchen. Caleb felt as though the scene happened in a different time, to a different person. But when Alexandra pulled the knife from his side, he came back to reality in a bright flurry of light and extreme hurt.

“Who did this?” Alexandra demanded.

Caleb shook his head. He didn’t know. Where had he been? Why would someone stab him? With his arm draped across Alexandra’s shoulder, he stumbled towards the bedroom. Above the smell of blood, he caught another aroma .The feminine scent of fear.

“Hunter,” he whispered.

“Did she do this to you?”

Caleb shook his head again. He didn’t know. So many images flew through his mind. Too many voices bombarded him. He grimaced at the pain in his ribcage. Hunter wouldn’t stab him unless she had good reason. Did I hurt her? Did the wolf hurt her? He grunted when Alexandra lowered him to the bed.

Caleb’s body burned. Incoherent thoughts darted through his brain. Hunter’s father smiled in his head. “Hunter,” Caleb muttered, “forgive me.”

That's it for this blog. Next blog, I'll post 10 things you didn't know about In the Shadows of Angels.

Take care!

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Sami Lee said...

The stories change so much through the drafts don't they? I'd be afraid to do that with my books, think I'd need more than 10 points.