Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My muse ran away

What happens when your muse runs away? The same thing that happened to me over the last twelve or so months. I spent hours a day searching for that damned muse but ofcourse he couldn't be found. I needed inspiration...something...ANYTHING...Alas, inspiration didn't come.

It didn't matter how many books I read, how often I stared at my works in progress, or how many times I attempted to rewrite, my brain couldn't function. I didn't know what I wanted. One minute it was okay to be an obscure ebook author...the next, I wanted to be published by Penguin or MIRA or Bantam. I wanted world wide fame!

Just one problem with my world domination plan. I'd fallen off the writing train and had landed in a ditch so wide and big that I couldn't climb out.

But today...Well, today I woke and my mind whirred. Creativity brought the voices back, the voices of my characters I'd missed so much! Scenes played in my head - not scenes I'd already written, but scenes I needed to write.

My thoughts turned to the three WIPs I have. Two sequels to In the Shadows of Angels, and a paranormal novella called Demon Heart. I need to finish Demon Heart, and soon, because I entered the story into a writing competition so I have until November to write 5000-6000 words. Right this very moment, that seems easy. However, the test will come when I finally sit at my computer this afternoon.

Maybe...just maybe...world domination is still on the menu!

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