Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I'm baaaack!

Ah, long time no blog...So, here I am again with the promise to blog more, to promote my books more and to basically entertain the masses. Let's face it, I'm very entertaining.

So much has happened in the twelve months since my last blog (has it really been a year? My writing cave must have a time machine). I have several projects in the wind, typical Kiss Carson stories of time travel, danger, and love. If you enjoy watching my heroes and heroines suffer, even die and miraculously return, then you won't be disappointed. There's nothing like a good kidnap to boost a story along, and animal companions always brighten the darkest scenes.

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If you enjoyed the Scottish time-travel, In the Shadows of Angels, I have started at series of books about their grandsons, and the infamous red book. There are five brothers, one a pirate, one a cursed lord, one a butcher, a baker and a candlestick maker. Just kidding. I haven't started the last three books, yet.

I had hoped to have the first book finished by the end of the year but it's July already (there's that time machine again), I'm looking at early next year, if the muses are kind.

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The rights for my first two books, Illusions of Destiny and Jewels of the Sun had been returned to me so I plan to rewrite and, fingers crossed, republish those. Jewels of the Sun would be my favourite story. Calypso's Curse would be a close second.

As well as writing, and working, I have decided to study part-time and started the Associate Diploma in Creative Writing in February this year. I've never studied at this level before and I didn't realize writing was so complex. Luckily most of the structure of writing comes naturally, that's if you enjoy writing, but I'm also learning a lot.

Well, that's my year in a nutshell. Keep reading, though because my next post I'll share the first chapter of my paranormal romance, Come the Blue Moon, FREE!!

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