Saturday, September 21, 2013

Oh! How Revealing!

What? Did you think I was about to post a picture of a naked someone? Hmmm Let me see what I can find...Nah...No nakedness that I can find!

HOWEVER I do have a picture of the brand new cover for my brand new novella FAIRVIEW. But first, here's five things you didn't know about FAIRVIEW:

1.  Fairview was once called Murderous Wind because the murders always corresponded with a hurricane type wind

2.  Fairview was originally a ghost story and the heroine had to solve the murders so the family of ghosts could move on

3.  Fairview House is based on a real homestead in southwest Queensland

4.  Names were changed at the last minute because there were too many "J" names - Jackson, Justin, Jessica

5.  Everyone died, even the heroine, in every version of the story but one (remember they were ghosts in nearly every version) 

Okay, so here's the cover and the blurb:

Drum roll, please...

The idea of a murder mystery party is simple. Someone dies. The guests solve the murder. Simple. But when Marina Cornell is invited to Fairview House by her brother, solving the murder becomes a lot harder than she expected, especially because she is so easily distracted by Jackson Bradley, the gorgeous owner of the estate.

Cast as the nanny to watch over Jackson’s younger sisters, Marina is told blood-chilling stories of suspected murder and abandoned children, and it becomes quickly apparent that something isn’t right about the Bradley family. Or the house. One by one, the Bradley siblings are found dead and Marina finds her perception of real and make-believe distorted. Someone really is killing Jackson’s family, but the murderer is the one person she never expects and in the end, she must rely on more than love to save her life.
Release date yet to be advised but my other books can be purchased from Solstice Publishing


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