Sunday, August 31, 2014

Fall into Love This September with In the Shadows of Angels!

For the whole month of September I'm part of the Fall into Love promotion with The Romance Reviews.

For your chance to win a PDF copy of my time-travel romance In the Shadows of Angels, just visit The Romance Reviews in September and answer a simple question about the book.

I have nearly completed Book 1 of a five book series that follows on from In the Shadows of Angels. The series follows Luke and Ella's grandsons and the adventures they encounter as they enter the stories in the mysterious red book and meet the loves of their lives. The first book is about Dominic and Keziah, pirates, witches and of course that gorgeous estate in the remote Scottish Highlands, Aingealag Estate.

In the Shadows of Angels

When Ella Jeffries receives a mysterious book, she is drawn into its pages and transported back in time. The year is 1709, and the place is the hauntingly beautiful Aingealag Estate tucked away on the shores of Loch Moibeal in the Scottish Highlands. She rescues Lucius “Luke” Benedict, the gorgeous Laird of Aingealag, from an unjust beheading for the alleged murder of his wife.
Luke’s burning dark gaze and sensual aura draw Ella into his tragic life, and the safety of his strong arms. However, the closer she comes to Luke, the more baffling the mystery becomes. With the help of Luke’s beloved horse, Jury, a ghost cat named Shamus, and Moibeal the Loch Monster, she inches closer to clearing Luke’s name.
Can Ella save the Benedict family, or will Aingealag’s shadows swallow them all whole?

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