Thursday, November 20, 2014

New Release Happy Dance!

It's not a pretty sight, I know, but all my bits are jiggling as I do the New Release Happy Dance! I'd post a video but I really don't want to scare you, or blind you. My novella Silent Memory is currently available for pre-order here and will be officially released with Solstice Publishing on December 1.

Here's the cover (which I made myself), blurb and a little snippet from the book:
Fortune Storm is a murderer, but she can’t remember whom she murdered. In fact, she can’t remember much at all. When she wakes one morning in the care of the handsome Phoenix Storm, her heart believes she knows him but the only emotion she feels is fear.

As time moves on Fortune’s memories reveal a passionate liaison, and a marriage she would rather forget. But her mind is weak, her memories confused. Which man loved her, and which man was the monster? Only when she dispels the ghosts in her heart will the truth be revealed and her life changed forever.


Fortune retrieved the broken frame from the floor and stared at the portrait. She didn’t look at all the happy bride. She placed the frame on the chest of drawers and moved to the window to farewell her friend but the driveway was already empty, the horse drawn cab having moved away. Fortune sat at the small writing desk and stared through the window. Snow drifted rhythmically from the sky, adding to the already white blanket that eclipsed the ground. Her window overlooked the front garden and the tree with the gnarled branches that had sparkled with a covering of snow. Now, the branches extended eerily toward dark clouds, and the snow didn’t glitter. To Fortune, the tree had lost hope of ever seeing a warm summer’s day just as he had lost hope of remembering. Anything.

Below the tree an indistinct dark colored form bled into the white perfection, the shape strange but alluring. Fortune moved from the desk and closer to the window. The light outside had dulled considerably but…Her forehead struck the glass in her efforts to achieve the best view. Several times her breath steamed the glass which she wiped with her sleeve. The form developed arms thrown out in desperation, and a head that turned ever so slowly until black holes where the eyes had been pierced the distance.

Fortune choked back a cry and dropped to her hands and knees out of view of the window. The body could be that of the man she’d killed. Her husband? An invisible hand closed around her throat. What insanity had found her? Her eyes lifted to the window. The darkness beyond was almost complete, as was the darkness in the bedroom. Without attention, the fire had all but extinguished, only the radiance of the coals cast a red glow across the hearth. The lantern sat on the chest of drawers, yet to be ignited. She had to move, to light the lantern and expel her folly, however her body refused to obey the simplest command.

Here's what David Bryant had to say: When you've half an hour to spare in an airport lounge or somewhere equally boring, take your mind away with Silent Memory by Kiss Carson. It's a tense, intriguing mystery of what's going on in a woman's mind when she's lost her memory but knows something cataclysmic has happened. In the space of thirty pages, Carson packs in a lot of questions, turns them around several times in the reader's mind, then sketches out the answers against the backdrop of a dramatic encounter.

Now, if only I had enough time in the day to finish all my other projects!


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