Thursday, January 28, 2016

Bonjourno Italia!

Day 1 - 15 January 2016

Bonjourno Italia!

What a flight! Fourteen hours from Brisbane to Abu Dhabi and then  six hours from Abu Dhabi to Rome.

And what a spectacular city is Rome! Well, what we first saw of it anyway. Our driver weaved his way through the chaos that was traffic, all the time mentioning in very good broken English what that place was, what happened here and there, where the Spanish Steps were...

What amazed me the most was how Anglo-ized Rome is. Nearly every person spoke English, and pretty well I may add. My worry about communication breakdowns flew away as soon as we reached our hotel.

Bonjourno! Bonjourno! Bonjourno!

It's great fun trying to communicate in a different language that you know maybe...five words of...Ciao...Preggo...Pizza...I especially love attempting to decipher the signs and advertisements scattered around the city.

Our hotel is the Anglo Americano which is quite close to the city centre, very close to transport and shopping.

Today, however, we ate dinner at about 4.30pm and all three of us (15 year old included) were asleep by 6pm.

What a day.

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