Friday, January 29, 2016

Vatican City is a blast!

Day 2 - January 16 2016

After more than 12 hours sleep we headed to Vatican City to see the Necropolis under St Peter's Basilica. Our first venture into unknown territory almost became a disaster.

We couldn't find the meeting place for the tour. You see, the Pope had chosen the same day to hold a meet and greet. This spelled disaster for us because there were tens of thousands of people waiting to get through the police check. BUT! After forty minutes of asking for directions, bravely approaching large policemen with even larger AK47s, we found the meeting point (15 minutes late). We met some burly Swiss Guards who let us go to the Excavation Office and meet Laura (pronounced Lowra but spelled the same as Laura). The Necropolis was awesome. We were led underground through a labyrinth of corridors that were once streets of Rome. However, time and progress had built on top of the Necropolis and it was now two levels below.

We were led through history from the first known graves of 200AD to the final graves of 400AD. We were also shown the alleged bones of St Peter.

After the tour we visited the basilica. Inside was beautiful. There were huge arches made of marble, statues, and lots of art work. Angels were the flavor of the times and in one photo it looks as though one of the marble angels is trying to touch our daughter,

After St Peter's Basilica we sat on a bench on Via della Conciliazione - the main street leading to St Peter's Basilica - and ate Vegemite rolls. Yes...We took a jar of Vegemite, as well as Nescafe and Milo. We're also heading to Scotland, you know, and the coffees aren't always the best there.

After the basilica we picked up our Omnia cards for the Hop on Hop off bus and embarked on our first free tour of the Vatican Museum and the Sistine Chapel. What a pair of awesome awesomeness! The museum is huge and filled with gorgeous friezes, 2000 year old marble statues, ancient wall hangings, and some serious ceiling decorations.

Then, there was the Sistine Chapel. No photos allowed of course but if you find a seldom visited corner and have your husband distract those around him, you could snap a pic or two before the police tell you to put the camera away. Yes, we were nearly ejected from the Sistine Chapel..

After such a huge day of treasure seeking, we went back to the hotel. Lights out at 6.30pm

This is a photo of my husband in the Sistine Chapel, and there is The Last Supper right above his head!

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