Monday, March 28, 2016

Introducing...LUCIUS - In the Shadows of Angels Book 1

You can all thank me later for this gorgeous piece of eye candy.

Meet Lucius, the handsome Laird of Aingealag. Well, the cover anyway. The book will be "live" on Monday April 18, 2016. This is the second release of this book, and the story has been completely rewritten and revised and is sure to please. Lucius is a time-slip romance with a touch of mystery and adventure to really get the heart racing. It is also book one of a six book time-slip romance series which stars five of Lucius' grandsons.

Caught within the horror that has become his life, Lucius Benedict waits patiently for his savior to come, preferably an angel who can ease his heart and release him from his cursed existence. When the sudden appearance of a russet haired beauty postpones his execution, Lucius can not quite believe his luck. However he will not waste his freedom, and makes plans to prove his estranged wife died by the hand of another.

Ella Jeffries is drawn into the pages of a mysterious book and transported back in time. The year is 1709, and the place is Aingealag Estate, tucked away in the thick haar of the Scottish Highlands. There, she rescues Lucius "Luke" Benedict, the Laird of Aingealag from the executioner's gibbet and falls under the spell of his dark gaze and sensual aura. However, Luke hides secrets behind his handsome facade and the more she loves him, the more she learns of the ancient curse that shadows the castle and all those who dare live within her walls.

Can Ella save the Benedict Family or will Aingealag's shadows swallow them all whole?

Luke placed his hand on the door handle. Was he certain he wanted to enter the room? Two nights ago, he stood, not far from this exact place, and stared at the motionless body of his wife. He pulled his hand away from the door handle and knuckled his eyes in an attempt to shut out the vision of Roslyn’s bloodied, lifeless form. Her screams had evaded him, the alleged wails Evelyn heard. Roslyn had called his name. She asked him for help which he could not supply.
He ruffled his hair and filled his lungs with air to ease the ache in his chest. The door opened with a groan. His gaze rested on Evelyn’s pale face. Her red, swollen eyes sharpened and narrowed as she glared at him. The quiver in her bottom lip betrayed her outward repose.
“Have you come to delight in my daughter’s misfortune?” she demanded.
“Nae, I am here to pay my respects.”
“Your respects!”
“She was my wife.”
“You care about her, now?”
Evelyn pounded the ball of her hand onto his chest in a show of sorrowful fury. Luke stood his ground. He glared at Connor. The man looked guilty. Luke’s attention returned to Evelyn.
“I did not kill her.”
How many times would he need to defend himself before someone believed him?
“You did not love her, either. Why did you lock her up in this dungeon of a castle?” Her resentment clawed at his face. “This is the devil’s abode. And you, Lucius Benedict, are Satan in the flesh.”
Luke glanced away, unable to bear the heartache in her features. “You know as well as I that you and my father arranged this marriage ten years before it took place. I cannot bear all the guilt, Evelyn.”
“Aye, Laird, I know. However, your name pierced these walls and one way or another, you will pay.” 

Lucius - In the Shadows of Angels Book 1 E-book available now for pre-order, or available from various online bookshops from April 18.

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