Sunday, April 10, 2016

Self Publishing Woes - post 2

Ok. So I've found myself some beta readers which I'm quite excited about. I'm not quite as excited about what my mind thinks the readers will say.

It's a slow process, this self publishing, and I guess an even slower process waiting for the long awaited bounty that every writer wants from their work.

Today, my woe is time management. I think I've stretched myself a bit thin but like a lot of other writers, I need to earn. To write. I have to work. And not at writing. Yes, you all know what I mean - that dreaded day job. YUK!

It's a very vicious circle. If I don't have a day job I can't afford all this wonderful writing paraphernalia. If I can't afford all the writing paraphernalia, I can't write my books. If I can't write my books, I can't earn money and quit my day job...If I quit my day job...See what I mean? I can teach writing. I can also edit, or mentor, or ghost write. However, I need the time to look into these author spinoffs. Time is something I don't have a lot of.

The second woe of time management is the degree I'm attempting. Last year I completed the Associate Degree of Creative Writing, and this year I started the Bachelor of Creative Arts (Educational Studies). I thought it would assist with my 5 year goal which is to earn all my income from writing or writing derivatives, and I like study. Study makes me feel as though I've accomplished something - apart from creating an entire world and an entire population for that world, while creating love between two people who would never have met in the real world.

Real world? What real world?

This is my real world.

On with my woes. My third woe is expecting more from myself than I am capable of. Here is my writing timeline:

Lucius is released in 8 days.

Write a 5000 word story about Charlotte and how "the book" came to be.

Finish Dominic. I still have about 10 000 words to go. Then, I have to edit, cover, beta read, release... Dominic will be released on July 4 2016. Keep an eye out.

Finish Rory. I think I have about 40 0000 words to go for this delicious laird. Rory will be released on November 28 2016.

Start and finish and release book 4, 5 and 6 by the end of next year.

Yeah...time management. I suppose I could give up sleep. Who needs it anyway?

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