Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Self Publishing Woes

About three months ago I made the brave decision to self publish a series of Scottish Time Travel Romances. There are six books in total. There are five brothers. The first book, Lucius, is their grandfather's story and takes place 60 years before.

Lucius Benedict is gorgeous, and that's from the writer's point of view. He's classically tormented by the death of his estranged wife and he pretty much lives in the shadowyist (excuse my word invention) castle in the world. On the other hand, Ella is the 'okey dokey, let's see what will happen if I do THIS' part of the story.

I was under the impression that self publishing would be a more personal, easier option to mainstream publishing. Well, that is not the case.


Self motivation.


To self publish is to own and run your own little piece of company heaven. That includes, writing, editing, sourcing covers and beta readers and publishing platforms. Then, as a self-employed individual, you have to find a way to get that book out to the general public. Well, maybe not the GENERAL public. What I need are READERS!

Readers. Yoo hoo! Where would I find enough readers to make me as rich as a certain wizard creator? I think I've jumped the gun a little. Allow me to mention my editing woes.

In Lucius: In the Shadows of Angels Book 1 (I shall use his formal name) my characters are very mobile. They stand, they sit, they walk, they hold, grasp, clutch and grab. And they have eyes. Lots and lots of eyes. Over 650 eyes in this manuscript. Yep. 650.

Shall I mention the "ing" words? Lazy, lazy, lazy writer. I searched for over 1300 "ing" words. Something. Anything. All things. Thing is not a proactive word. Lazy writer describe what that thing is. I destroyed 1120 "ing" words. By the end of the final edit (which included "when") my manuscript had reduced by 7000 words. Obviously it needed the trim. I deleted parts of two scenes. The editing took me three weeks but I did it.

Now, I have to write the rest of the series. Keep an eye out for Lucius. He'll be released soon on Kindle, Kobo, Smashwords and lots of other places. Next in line is Dominic - and he's an adventure in himself!

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