Wednesday, July 13, 2016

10 things you didn't know about Silent Memory

As I sat on the lounge, gazing at my Facebook page
Romance-Writer-276144898615 I thought to myself "Gee I haven't entertained everyone with my 10 Things You Didn't Know for a while."

Well...Lucky, lucky you. Here are 10 riveting things you didn't know about my novella Silent Memory.

1.   It was originally a time travel. Shocked? Nah. It was a creepy time travel, too. Blaze Storm was pretty wicked as a baddy.

2.  Matilda once graced the pages as an antagonist. She was Fortune's best friend, but she loved Phoenix. And the love triangle continues...Matilda was betrothed to Blaze. Confused? You all know how much I love these love octagons.

3.   There was another slimy baddy - Benjamin - who found Fortune without her memory and convinced her she had married him. When he tried to have his gruesome way with her, she killed him. Fortune Storm. In the bedroom. With the candlestick.  Benjamin convinced Fortune her name was Gerty. I would have killed him too.

4.   Fortune had an ally and her name was Rachel. Blaze fell in love with Rachel and I wrote one of my favorite scenes. It was liberating, as the author, to know that one of my characters had the ability to change. Blaze Storm was human - but he wasn't the main character.

5.   There are three scenes in the original that didn't make it into the novella simply because I blushed every time I read them. Yes...there was a menage-a-trois. The "in bed" type of menage-a-trois. I just couldn't...Come on! I blushed. I took the scenes apart and used them in the current version. If you read very closely, you may be able to tell.

6.   Fortune and Rachel lived in contemporary time. Phoenix and Blaze lived in the mid 1800s. Fortune was lured back in time by memories and a doorway that opened after a seance. This is where the plot became a bit strange: Fortune was originally from the mid 1800s and something Blaze did sent her forward in time. Rachel found her unconscious. Fortune also had amnesia.

7.   Rachel used a psychic to travel back in time.

8.   Everyone wanted to kill Fortune. There was no Peggy Sue Syndrome in this book!
      Attempt # 1: Blaze tried to do the Victor Frankenstein on her
      Attempt # 2. Benjamin tried to suffocate her
      Attempt # 3. Matilda tried to shoot Fortune while she was at the theatre with Phoenix
      Attempt # 4. Blaze tried to set Fortune on fire while she slept
      Attempt # 5. Blaze hired two mercenaries to do her in
      Attempt # 6. Matilda tried to stab her to death
      Poor Fortune.
      Poor Phoenix I should say. He had to put up with all this insanity.

9.   At the end Blaze was banished to the future where he married Rachel and lived happily ever after. Remember, he was a reformed baddy.

10.  And finally, Phoenix Storm was based on the old style 80s romantic hero which wouldn't go down well at all today!

You can buy Silent Memory here for 0.81c. Go on. I know you're curious. 


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