Let's talk characters

Characters are the crux of a story.

Sure, the world in which our characters live is, sometimes, a character within itself but the people, werefolk, fae...whatever your poison...are the central focus.

Take my series, In the Shadows of Angels, for example. The grand ancient castle that has adorned the Aingealag Estate since the 10th century is a living, breathing pile of stone and mortar who hides away the many secrets of the Benedict Family. Aingealag Castle whispers to the heroines to help them along their way, at times to lead the hapless heroines into unforeseen danger.

In my latest release, Rory Benedict, Laird of Benedict often muttered that Aingealag Castle will devour the girl whole.  According to several Lairds, Aingealag Castle did not bide high spirits or joy.

 But, we need characters to keep the story moving.

The ghosts that inhabit the castle.
The animals that roam the courtyards.
The house staff.
Family members.

The Laird.
The potential Lady.

And the villains.

These cha…
I am a lover of audio books. I have an Audible subscription, and one of my books is available as an audio book. There is another about to be released on Audible - and I can't wait! I listened to the draft narration and my narrator - Gareth Richards - did an amazing job. It's so empowering to hear your characters come to life. It's almost as good as seeing a movie made from your book - a pleasure I have yet to enjoy.

I changed jobs this year and now work a bus, train, and bus ride away. It takes me an hour and twenty minutes to commute which gives me plenty of time to listen to audio books. I find it hard to read when there is lots of external noise, and the bus and train patrons are sometimes noisier than I like.  I'm very easily distracted.

Very easily.

Audio book to the rescue. Stick in my ear phones and I'm whisked away to another place.

Audio books also give me the chance to try new authors. I find that some authors are very wordy and t…

Happy New Year!

So...Another year.

I could make all kinds of promises to myself this year but - really - I'm not going to bother. Past experience has taught me that no matter how heart felt my promise to myself, something always gets in the way.

I can't even keep to a book release deadline. That sucks.

Nicholas: In the Shadows of Angels Book 4 is still a work in progress, although I have to admit the story is nearly over. I think I've hit "act 3" so the end is nigh!

Nicholas has been challenging to write, mainly because the heroine is a little different to my 'happy go lucky, this is great' type of female and I'm worried she's not as likable as she could be. So far, there are no love scenes, only behind closed door scenes that imply intimacy.

Still, I should wrap it all up in a ribbon by the end of the month. I have partial edits back and I'll be pouring over those to fix any plot bunnies or glaring errors.

Once Nicholas is finished, I will be moving on to O…
A Week to Go!

A week to go before the biggest retail shopping time of the year is over.

Don't get me wrong, I love this time of the year - I can eat what I want and blame it on Christmas. I love the pretty Christmas lights and decorations. I also know there is a "reason for the season" but as my family have never been religious, I don't attend mass or church functions.

I also don't get a white Christmas - nor have I ever! I live in Queensland, Australia, and yesterday it reached 41.2 degrees Celsius. I have to admit that it was above average for my area. It usually only gets to about 32 degrees Celsius - but BOY is it humid! One day last week it was 96% humidity - and it was awful. We're all hoping for a wet January to counteract the hot, dry December. At one point there were 115 bush fires burning in South East Queensland alone.

My husband and I like to work in the garden - husband likes to work in the garden, just sit and watch and blog. The garde…
It's That Time of Year

Christmas time is a busy time for us all - Christmas shopping, extra shifts at work, entertaining friends and family, eating...Writing?

Most of the time writing takes a back seat to all things life. Husband. Kids. Work. Study. Not particularly in that order, and the Holiday Season is no exception.

However, I have to keep plowing through and pat myself on the back when I reach a writing milestone. At the moment my manuscript is at 45000 words and it seems to be perpetually stuck there, no matter how much more I write. So, my goal this week is to make it to 55000 words. At that word count the book should be finished and ready for advance reader review. Well, maybe not completely finished - there's always the rewrite!

I haven't started my Christmas shopping. I need to buy small items to send to Sydney for 'the mothers'. I have three grandchildren to buy for, not to mention my own three children and husband...Gift cards always come in handy but …
Kiss Carson Blog - 2.0

Well...Here I am, ready to start again. I have deleted all my previous posts - well, it had been two years since I last blogged.

The struggle to stay centered, and focused, on my writing is ever present. My mind wanders. My finances demand the influx of a paid job (the same job I've had for 15 years). My state of being fluctuates constantly.

I close my office door and walk by day after day pretending it doesn't exist. There is no computer in there. There are no manuscripts that need completing. I don't look at my Facebook. I don't check my emails. I am not really a writer.

BUT! I am a writer. And I have fans out there in cyberspace. SUPER FANS - according to my writer friends, and these super fans are waiting for a new book from me. I receive emails from these lovely people asking when, and I give them a date. I give myself a well needed ego boost and i sit down, writing, writing, writing.

Then life kicks in again.

I close my office door.

My sta…