It's That Time of Year

Christmas time is a busy time for us all - Christmas shopping, extra shifts at work, entertaining friends and family, eating...Writing?

Most of the time writing takes a back seat to all things life. Husband. Kids. Work. Study. Not particularly in that order, and the Holiday Season is no exception.

However, I have to keep plowing through and pat myself on the back when I reach a writing milestone. At the moment my manuscript is at 45000 words and it seems to be perpetually stuck there, no matter how much more I write. So, my goal this week is to make it to 55000 words. At that word count the book should be finished and ready for advance reader review. Well, maybe not completely finished - there's always the rewrite!

I haven't started my Christmas shopping. I need to buy small items to send to Sydney for 'the mothers'. I have three grandchildren to buy for, not to mention my own three children and husband...Gift cards always come in handy but …
Kiss Carson Blog - 2.0

Well...Here I am, ready to start again. I have deleted all my previous posts - well, it had been two years since I last blogged.

The struggle to stay centered, and focused, on my writing is ever present. My mind wanders. My finances demand the influx of a paid job (the same job I've had for 15 years). My state of being fluctuates constantly.

I close my office door and walk by day after day pretending it doesn't exist. There is no computer in there. There are no manuscripts that need completing. I don't look at my Facebook. I don't check my emails. I am not really a writer.

BUT! I am a writer. And I have fans out there in cyberspace. SUPER FANS - according to my writer friends, and these super fans are waiting for a new book from me. I receive emails from these lovely people asking when, and I give them a date. I give myself a well needed ego boost and i sit down, writing, writing, writing.

Then life kicks in again.

I close my office door.

My sta…