Happy New Year!

With a new year comes new expectations... Resolutions Promises  Excitement However, 2021 has started like any other year.  Work Sleep Eat 😂😂😂😂 It's times like this that I wonder if I will ever get a book finished, or do those promos I've been promising, or stop long enough to think! Anyway (insert sigh here)... I send you many hopes and dreams and I really hope they all come true Kiss  xxx

Free short story!

 Here's a free short story to make up for not posting anything at the beginning of the month.  The story is called In Cold Isolation, and is a new adult gothic story about living in the age of Coronavirus. Enjoy! Janie propped her elbow on the dinner table and rested her chin in her hand. She hadn’t said a word for an hour. Nor had anyone spoken to her. They ordered her to come home. The least they could do was talk to her. Acknowledge me , she wanted to scream. See me . The words she wanted to bawl at her family slid back down her throat to rumble inside her chest. She sighed deeply to ease her indigestion. Her mother, Diana, sat at one end of the table, blunt-cut hair falling to her chin in golden strands. The woman's perfect smile shone with the gloss of passion city pink, and she gazed at her husband with unashamed adoration. Janie’s eyes moved to her father, Jonathan Taylor, the undisputed head of the family and seated thus at the other end of the table. Dressed in the l

Something Old, Something New, Something Aussie, and Something to Chew!

 Where does one begin with a heading like that? Ok...   Something old ... This is the free read you can download when you sign up to my newsletter (which is also getting done today!). It's called Silent Memory and I wrote the first draft about 1995. Of course, it started off as a time travel and throughout the years it morphed into what it is now. The story line has always included a love triangle, and at one stage it contained very steamy love scenes which were conducive to the 90s romance theme of "I'll sex her into loving me". (tehe tehe) However, I cut out about 35000 words and produced the content that you can read if you sign up to my email. Fortune Storm is a murderer, but she can’t remember whom she murdered. In fact, she can’t remember much at all. When she wakes one morning in the care of the handsome Phoenix Storm, her heart believes she knows him but the only emotion she feels is fear. As time moves on Fortune’s memories reveal a passion