Vacation time!

So, COVID put a stop to any overseas travel we had planned. We wanted to go to Egypt and continue our tour of the Wonders of the World. We've seen the Colosseum, Great Wall, and Taj Mahal and the next attractions on our list were the Pyramid of Giza and Petra. Apparently, the pyramid at Giza isn't a modern Wonder anymore, replaced by Machu Picchu. Well, that's just another country to add to our list! The Pyramid of Giza and the Sphinx are the only two Wonders of the Ancient World still standing so I guess they deserve a mention.

Rome’s Colosseum, The Rose City of Petra, The Taj Mahal, The Great Wall of China, Chichen Itza, Machu Picchu and Rio's Christ the Redeemer.

Back to our adventure. For 18 days we drove through the Queensland Outback, towing a caravan and staying in various caravan parks. We took the Jeep and the Penguin and had an absolute blast on the longest road trip we've ever been on. We leave on March 1 and returned on March 18. We encountered heat, floods, and roads that stretched way past the horizon.

We saw the dinosaurs in Winton, the Tree of Knowledge in Barcaldine, and the Red Stump of Boulia that signified the start of the Simpson Desert. It was fascinating touring in our own state, something that never really interested us because of the cost. It is very expensive to holiday in Australia. A trip within Australia may cost us $4000AUD yet an overseas holiday to India for two cost us $5000AUD.

Now we're back and COVID has struck again in Brisbane. We're just waiting for the order to lockdown again.

Let me out on the open road again.

Take care

Kiss xx


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